Rules & Regulations

Conformity to Golf Rules and Regulations set forth by the Club are mandatory. Members deemed not in conformity with Club Rules and Regulations will be subject to disciplinary action.

USGA rules will govern all play unless modified by local rules. Incidents in violations of Rules and Regulations should be reported to the Director of Golf. Authority to enforce the Rules and Regulations on the golf courses has been vested in the Director of Golf and the Golf Operations staff.
Please click HERE for a comprehensive club dress code.
All players must have starting times reserved through the Golf Pro Shop. Starting Times shall be assigned based on availability and at the discretion of the Professional Golf staff.
The practice range is open during normal operating hours as posted by the Golf Pro Shop. The practice range will be closed periodically for general maintenance.
Privately owned golf carts may not be used on the golf course at any time. Each operator of a golf cart must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
Operation of a golf cart is at risk of the operator. Cost of repair to a golf cart damaged by a Member shall be charged to the Member or, in the case of damage by a guest, to the sponsoring member. The Member using a golf cart accepts and assumes all responsibility for liability connected with operation of the golf cart. Violations of the golf cart rules may result in a loss of golf cart privileges and/or playing privileges.
The Golf Pro Shop shall have control of all play on the golf courses, and will supervise all starting arrangements. Player Assistants represent the Director of Golf and have the same authority in administering regulations. Any instructions administered from the Players Assistants are to be followed immediately. Those individuals not following instructions will be asked to leave the golf course and will be subject to suspension.
If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease upon the sounding of one (1) blast of the lighting warning siren. “All clear” and the reopening of the golf courses will be sounded by three (3) short blasts of the warning siren. All players are responsible for their own safety during hazardous weather conditions and play at their own risk. Players who elect to continue to play during hazardous weather conditions do so at their sole election and at their own risk, and agree to indemnify the Owner, the Operator and the Club from any action as a result of their continued play. Under no circumstances shall the Owner, the Operator or the Club be held liable for failing to warn players of hazardous weather conditions or the need to cease play.
If play is canceled due to rain, a credit will be offered if only three (3) holes or less were played (for nine holes), or if twelve (12) holes or less were played for eighteen (18) holes.
Each Member using the course should do his or her part to make a round of golf at the Club a pleasant experience for everyone. The following recommendations will ensure Golf Members’ satisfactions for every round played at the Club:

1. When a hole is completed, proceed to the next hole without delay.
2. Speed of play is strictly enforced. Please allow faster groups to play through.
3. Enter and leave bunkers at the nearest point. Smooth sand over with a rake upon leaving the sand.
4. All ball marks shall be promptly repaired upon reaching the green. Please repair all divots with the sand provided in the golf carts.